The Gospel

The Gospel (Good News ) of Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which the Christian faith is established, honored and admired.  To understand and fully appreciate what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross, requires knowledge of man's current state without Him.  The Gospel, in  a nutshell, includes:

1)  Man was sinful and deserved nothing but hell and punishment.  Man was filthy.
Man was not created filthy but became filthy when he sinned and pulled away from God.  When Adam disobeyed God, the filthy stain was on his life because of the unclean act or sin that he committed.  Because of the sin he committed, sin was passed down upon all men. 
Rm. 5:19a "For as by the one man's disobedience the many were made sinners, ... "

2)  God loved man so much that He decided to make a way to clean man up!  This was through Jesus Christ.  Since all have sinned (Rm. 3:23), we deserved nothing but hell and punishment (Rm. 6:23).  God is a just God.  Justice must be served.  Mankind had to be punished.  Just as in our society, we believe that justice must be served for people who violate the law.

3)  God sent Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross for us, and to show us the way.  Jesus did not sin; therefore, He did not have to die. Instead, since He chose to die for us.  He voluntarily laid down His life for us so that we can be reconciled back to the Father.  Rm. 5:18 states, "Therefore by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life."  Justifcation here means to be declared righteousness.  For man to be declared righteous, he must receive God's gift, Jesus Christ, who took our punishment.

4) Jesus died on the cross for us and took our punishment.  The righteousness died for the unrighteous.  Justice was served, and we are now pardoned when we accept Jesus into our hearts.  We are not saved by our works, as believed by many.  If this was possible, why would Jesus give up His life and die such a painful and shameful death?

5)  Jesus arose from the dead!  He was able to be resurrected because He, Himself, had no sins personally.  Therefore, death had no hold on Him.  Because He rose from the dead, we have proof that He was righteous or sinless.

6)  Jesus went to Heaven to live with His Father.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father and is making intercession for us!!

7)  God sent the Holy Spirit to live inside us to guide and  teach us.  He lives on the inside of each believer.

8) Jesus is coming back again for us.  Once He comes to get the saints, the saints will be with Him forever!!

So, after hearing the Gospel, you must make a decision to either accept Jesus into your heart or reject this offer.  To not accept His love is to reject His gift.  People ask, "How can a loving God send someone to hell"?  This is a legitimate question.  It is NOT  a matter of Him sending us, it is a matter of us traveling down the wrong road by continually rejecting His offer of salvation.  Man sinned and pulled away from Him.  God sent Jesus to bridge the gap that sin brought upon all men.  His love, then, can keep us from Hell, if we receive the One who died for us.  To receive Him means to

A)  Give your life totally over to Him where He truly is your Lord.  To recognize Him as Lord means to acknowledge to Him that you are giving up control over your life and you trust Him to control it and own it.  The Bible states that if you confess Him as Lord, which means to call Him the Lord of your life, you actually turn your life totally over to Him, and allow Him to clean you up.  If you believe that God has raised Him from the dead, then the Word declares that you are saved.  Salvation is totally free; not earned at all.  If we have to work for it, then salvation would not be free, but a wage; something earned.

B)  Trust Him in that He is who He said He is and that He is able to save your soul from the wrath of God; thus being totally and forever separated from Him.  Jesus is our wonderful Savior.  Do you want to be totallly separated from Him?  If not, then receive the Father's gift, Jesus Christ, into your hearts.  Receive the free gift of salvation.  Pray this sample prayer or you can pray ask Jesus to come into your heart your own way.  The important part is not simply the words, but the sincerity of your heart as you pray it.  Pray this:

"Dear God in Heaven, I am a sinner.  But, I turn from sin and I turn to You!  I ask Jesus now to come into my heart and be the Lord of my life.  I confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord and I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead.  I confess it and I believe with a  sincere heart.  According to your Word, I am saved.  I am a Christian, and I am born again.  Thank You, Father, for sending Jesus Christ, as a free gift who offers salvation to all who will come to Him.  In Jesus' Name, I pray, Amen."

If you just received Jesus into Your heart, we would love to hear from you.  Please email us at , and tell us your story.  We will get in touch with you and provide some scriptures that you can read and study. Some of them are included in this PDF document.  Click this link to download the PDF file.

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