Our mission is to serve our youth by providing stability and balance.

Check out these warning signs:
Sudden change in social situations
Mood changes or emotional changes
Unexplained decline in grades
Very hungry after school
Wanting to be alone
Unexplained injuries
Important items missing
Suicidal thoughts
Low self-esteem or decrease in self-esteem


PEERS is an organization designed to assist communities, families, teachers and others to understand and deal with bullying.  Bullying is the act of controlling someone else due to repetitive (or potentially repetitive) threats or demands.  These demands may include verbal or written threats, physical threats, exclusion from certain groups, spreading rumors or spreading information that could embarrass the victims.  Bullying acts can cause others to suffer emotional and psychological damage.

According to Psychological Today website, bullies are created when two-year olds' aggression is not dealth with properly.  Bullies assert themselves on weak and nonassertive people.  Bullies are not limited to children but adults as well.  Bullying can occur in the workplace, at schools, colleges, home, and elsewhere in the community.

Contact Information:

Minister Cheryl McCrorey (803) 374-5725

Mrs. Dianne Crawford (443) 722-1705

P.O Box 1853 Chester, SC  29706

The founder of PEERS is Minister Cheryl McCrorey.  PEERS is a new non-profit organization in Chester County.  It is an outreach and intervention, faith-based company that serves children ages 10 - 20.  A key component to this development is strengthening the  inner man.  We are committed to helping our youth adopt a positive attitude and lifestyle, provide stability and balance in the process of their development. Our agency prides itself on being a catalyst that helps link the entire familly together, while working with the youth.  It exists to assist families, schools, churches neighborhoods, the judicial system and social services in working with teens.

Our mission is to serve our youth by providing stability and balance.

We believe PATIENCE is the number one virtue today when dealing with children.  EDUCATION is the key that will unlock many doors.  ESTEEM building is a vital component in every aspect of this program.  To RESTORE our youth mentally and academically will enhance their quality of life.  We believe in reaching solutions for our youth!

Join us in our monthly meetings.
We meet at Faith & Love Christian Center located at Great Fallsy Hwy. in Chester, South Carolina. 
Contact us for the date of our next meeting! 


    Social Needs
    Spiritual Support
    Referral Services
    Youth Violence
    Substance Abuse
    Peer Pressure

Mark 10:14  But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not:  for of such is the kingdom of God.

Excellence is not an option but a standard.






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                           Monthly Meetings

     When:  2nd Saturday in each month!!
                     Time:   12:00 PM
       Location:  Faith & Love Christian Center
                 540 Great Falls Hwy. Chester, SC   

         Various activities have been planned!!

  The public is invited to each and every session. 

Check out these warning signs:
Gets into fights
Unexplained "gifts" or items brought home
Close associations with other bullies
Blames others
Often in trouble at school
Able to purchase items with unexplained money
Lies on others or his/her situation
Wants to appear important or big in front of peers

Is your child a bully?

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